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New pressure/temperature data logger EBI 12-TP237

The new pressure/temperature data logger EBI  12- TP237 is suitable both for routine checks in CSSDs and for the validation of washer-disinfector, endoscopy washer-disinfector and steam sterilisation processes. The data logger boasts a measurement range of 0–140 °C/1–4000 mbar with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 °C and +/- 20 mbar, which is confirmed on the calibration certificate supplied with the device. It comes with a practical hose connection which can be used to connect the device to the washer-disinfector/endoscopy washer-disinfector to measure the rinse pressure. The device can also measure the A0 value of the washer-disinfector at the same time as the rinse pressure. In steam sterilisers, the data logger records the temperature and pressure, enabling the theoretical saturated steam temperature to be calculated. The data logger can be used with the existing Xylem/ebro software systems and Winlog.validation once the free update to version 3.73 has been installed. The data logger is equipped with sensors that comply with EN 285, EN 13060 and ISO 15883 and represents exceptional value for money.