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Safe and automatic surface decontamination with the Bioquell BQ-50

With the Bioquell BQ-50 system, Bioquell is making its tried-and-tested 35 % hydrogen peroxide vapour technology mobile. The technology uses hydrogen peroxide to eliminate all micro-organisms (bacteria (gram +/-), spores, viruses and mould) on all exposed surfaces in treated rooms, leaving virtually no residue behind. The active vaporiser system has been proven effective in rooms up to 200 m³, and can even decontaminate open drawers, cupboards and bathrooms with the main area in a single cycle. Sensitive electronic equipment can also be left in the room for treatment. The system actively removes the hydrogen peroxide at the end of the cycle to allow staff and patients to safely access the freshly decontaminated area. The machine is easy to operate and can be swiftly transported between rooms using the supplied trolley. Use biocides carefully, before use please carefully read the instruction manual and product information.

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