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The Soluscope Serie TEE offers a timesaving cycle when reprocessing probes

With its new Soluscope Serie TEE, Ecolab is offering a unique solution for the automated cleaning and disinfection of transoesophageal echocardiographic (TEE) probes. With a cycle time of only 14 minutes per probe – and thus the capability of reprocessing 4 probes per hour – the Serie TEE will increase the availability of your TEE probes significantly. The washer disinfector is user - friendly and very easy to operate. Thanks to its exclusive design, the Serie TEE isolates the submersible distal end of the probe from the non-waterproof handle, which can be easily reprocessed manually, e.g. using Incidin™  OxyWipes  S. If you are interested to learn more about the TEE Serie please contact your sales representative.

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